10 Amazing Features In Android 11.

Latest Android 11

As we know Google released its latest Android version 11 in September last year. This latest Android suite equipped with several latest tools and features. Today we chose Android 11 to aware our readers of its 10 most interesting features that definitely attract them. So without further delay let’s start and explore these amazing features.

    1. Chat while Multi-Tasking:

      The first-time Android brings fabulous features now you can chat with others at the same time when you are engaged on social media, watching, or playing on your devices. This feature named Bubbles. It’ll help you in easy reply and able to perform multi-tasks.


    1. Built-in Screen Recording:

      In Android 11, Google introduces Built-in Screen Recorder for all smart gadgets that help users to record everything that is happening on the screen. Users now can not only record but also share and edit their screened videos.


    1. Android Auto:

      This feature helps those who want to wirelessly connect their Android 11 devices with their cars. They don’t need plug-ins or carry cables with them.


    1. Voice Accessibility:

      Voice Access is another interesting feature in Android 11 that makes users more comfortable while using smart devices. Voice access works on the basis of voice commands and helps you to control and navigate your smart devices. Even you can use it while you are offline. Just you need to speak aloud.


    1. Notification History:

      Android allows its users to watch their back dates Notifications anytime with an easy approach in Settings. To get Notification History you just need to Tap on Settings > Apps &Notifications and then Notification History.


    1. share sheet:

      With the help of this feature, users can be gathered and pin their favorite or most using apps on an easily accessible sheet.


    1. Device Control:

      Users now can easily control their other devices around them with Android 11’s smartphones. You can set your AC temperature, control your room speakers, adjust your room lights, and much more.


    1. Enable Bluetooth in Airplane Mode:

      Now you can use your Bluetooth while you are on Airplane Mode. If you are using hearing aids or using headphones that are connected with your Android 11’s device so fearlessly enable Airplane Mode in your device.


    1. One-Time-Permission:

      According to this feature, you can give only one-time permission to the apps to access your camera, mic, location, Gallery, etc. for the second time, apps must need to get permission to use the above features in your device.


    1. Smart Reply:

      Android 11, this feature helps you in conversations via predictive smart replies against what did others saying to you. Suggested words and emojis are always available for you to choose an immediate reply.


Top Features in Android 11

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