5 Best ways to Fix Samsung Dryer That Isn’t Heating

Hi everyone today we are going to share with you 5 best ways to fix Samsung Dryers that is not heating.

No doubt that a new dryer usually has issues in the heating element. off course that the dryer will spin, but the clothes will not be heated.

If would you like to test and wanna to know about the issue of heating element is the problem since there could be other issues that may also cause the dryer not to heat up.

In this post we will share with you few quick fixes that can help you solve the problem behind Samsung dryer not heating up.


Spent my whole Saturday fixing a literally 2 years old, bought on Presidents’ Day sale in 2017, @SamsungUS dryer. Ugh, just don’t make things like they used to I guess. Hopefully the new heating element will do the trick. If not, it’s a new one and definitely not a Samsung. Woof

What Is A Samsung Dryer Heating Element?

It is a device that is used to dry clothes especially in areas where the temperatures are not favorable.

The Samsung dryer usually has a heating element that works by turning on the motor.

The element glows red and the dryer is heated, thus the clothes are heated and they dry.

When the dryer temperature rises to a certain temperature, the element is turned off and the heating stops. Again, a fall in temperature below a certain temperature makes the element turn on and begin to heat. This cycle is repeated until the clothes are dry.

Various factors can cause the dryer not to heat. Usually, the problem is in the heating element itself, it is either faulty or burnt.

There could also be other issues that could cause the dryer not to heat. For example, having a bad thermostat, a clog in the air vent, thermal cut fuse, internal wing issues or even incorrect voltage may be causing the damage.

How To Fix A Samsung Dryer That Is Not Heating

Video Guide #1: How to Troubleshoot a Samsung Dryer that is Not Heating

If your Samsung dryer is not heating, it can be frustrating since the performance of the dryer will be affected significantly. Luckily, fixing a dryer that is not heating up is not a hard fix. Below are some of the methods you could use to fix your Samsung dryer.

Video Guide #2: Another DIY Fix: Samsung Clothes Dryer Heating Element DIY Repair – No Heat & Noise Fix

The YouTuber says that he took apart his Samsung Model #DV42H5200 Dryer which was not heating at all. He replaced the heating element and put it all back together. He tore it apart and also fixed a vibration issue that was occurring while the unit was cycling.

DC47-00019A is the replacement part number of the heating coil and sensors which I got from Amazon.

If you’re having computer trouble, it could be worth trying out Advanced SystemCare (click to learn more). CNET describes it as a “Swiss Army Knife of a PC utility“. Once you download it, you get a suite of optimization tools, including an uninstaller, one-click registry fixes, defragmenters, and more.

1: Most popular way to Fix

This fix is recommended by Remove and Replace. Replacing the thermostat is an effective option. Clean the vent lines and ensure that they are all working properly. Proceed to the following steps of replacing the heating element. This heating element is for model DC47-00019A.

  1. Cut off the power from the Samsung dryer.
  2. Unscrew the back of the dryer.
  3. Remove the lid of the dryer.
  4. Remove the screws at the front of the panel.
  5. Lift the control panel upward lid and remove it.
  6. Disconnect the wire harness that is holding the control panel.
  7. Remove the front panel by pressing the locking tabs.
  8. Disconnect the wire to the door switch.
  9. Open the dryer and unscrew the base of the door.
  10. Lift the front panel.
  11. Disconnect the harness for the moisture sensor.
  12. Remove screws attached to the heating element.
  13. Lift the mounting bracket.
  14. Remove the heating element from the dryer.
  15. Disconnect the heating element form the wire harness.
  16. Use an ohmmeter to test the Samsung dryer heating element.
  17. Replace the faulty heating element.
  18. Test the new heating element using an ohm meter.
  19. Put the Samsung dryer together following the guide in reverse.
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Video Guide: Samsung Dryer Replace High-Limit Thermostat #35001092

2. Second Way to fix

Repair clinic recommends replacing a blown thermal fuse. A thermal fuse is used to protect a Samsung dryer from overheating.

The fuse is usually located on the heating element of the Samsung dryer. Dismantle the heating element as explained in the first fix and observe the fuse in the heating element.

The fuse should be closed to allow the electricity to pass through as an overheated fuse has continuous strand running through it and electricity will not reach the heating element.

Use a multimeter to test for continuity. If it is faulty, lift the fuse to remove it and replace with a new one.

Video Guide: Samsung Dryer Won’t Start? Replace Thermal Fuse #DC47-00016A

3. Best Way to Fix

Alternatively, the problem could be from the power source. Repair clinic recommends an electric dryer to have 120 volts AC in two legs, which bring a total to 240 volts.

If the voltage is too low, the dryer will not heat up subsequently, if the voltage is too high, the fuse will trip and the dry will not be able to heat or even run.

Check the voltage at the power source using a multimeter. If the power source is too low, look for an alternative outlet that has enough voltage.

If the power source is too high, it is necessary to call an electrician to rectify the wiring. Also, find out if your neighbors are experiencing similar problems. The fault could be in your entire line.

How to Check the Power to your Dryer – Not Heating or Not Running

4. Awesome Way to fix

A faulty thermostat could also cause the Samsung dryer not to heat up. Repair clinic recommends replacing the thermostat.

The high limit of the thermostat is responsible for shutting off the dryer if it overheats.

A fault in the high limit thermostat may cause the thermostat to shut off the dryer even though it is not overheating. Alternatively, the cycling thermostat, which is responsible for the on and off cycle, may be faulty.

The dryer will, therefore, not be able to turn on or off. The thermostat is usually found attached to the heating element. Follow the guide above to dismantle the heating element and replace the thermostat.

Before replacing a thermostat, always test the installed thermostat using a multimeter to determine if it is faulty.

5. Final Way to fix

Poor wiring could also result in the Samsung dryer not heating up. Repair clinic recommends checking the main control board for faults. Follow the steps below.

  1. Cut off the power from the Samsung dryer.
  2. Unscrew the back of the dryer.
  3. Remove the lid of the dryer.
  4. Remove the screws at the front of the panel.
  5. Lift the control panel upward lid and remove it.
  6. Inspect for signs of burnt wires or wires that have not been connected.

If there are burned wires or wires that are hanging, you should call the manufacturer or the store where the dryer was bought. The store will replace the dryer with a new one that is working properly.

Video Guide: Samsung Dryer Main Control Board Replacement #DC92-00322U

Forum Feedback

To understand more about the possible issues users had with their Samsung dryer not heating, we searched through several message boards and support boards. In general, people wanted to know about Samsung dryer not heating up no error codes, Samsung dryer not heating up dv45h7000ew/a2, and Samsung dryer not heating up brand new.

A forum user stated that he had issues with his Samsung dryer because it was working, but it wasn’t heating properly.

  • He mentioned that he tried changing the thermal fuse and that he checked if there was any lint blockage.
  • As a last resort, he fixed the vent tubes and checked the heating coils for shorts.
  • However, he was unsuccessful, and he was looking for suggestions on how to proceed.
  • Other forum members observed that he should look at how many sensors his dryer model had and that he should get a look at the thermistor and the heating sensors.
  • The user reported that swapping the thermistor fixed his problem and his dryer was heating up again.

Another person comments that the most likely cause for a Samsung dryer not heating is a blown thermal fuse. He advises that you use a multimeter and test for continuity and see if there is a problem with the fuse. The user also says that if you have a problem with the thermal fuse, you should also check the dryer’s venting system.

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Another poster explains that the heating element assembly might have burned out if the dryer has problems heating. He says that you have to check for continuity with a multimeter and replace the heating element assembly if it’s the problematic part.

A user indicated that it was exactly the heating element that had malfunctioned and that the coil had a break in it. After he replaced it, the dryer started working smoothly. Speaking for experience, he recommended that you clean the lint before loading the dryer and that you shouldn’t rely on the dryer to remind you to check the lint filter.

An individual pointed out that if you have a gas Samsung dryer, the problem might lie in the gas valves. To check if they are working properly, the user says that you have to look at the ignitor. In case the ignitor is blinking, but the gas is not igniting, you might have a problem with the valves or the ignitor itself. He also mentions that the flame sensor not working might also cause the dryer to stop heating.


A Samsung client mentioned that he had a lot of problems with his Samsung dryer DV42H5000EW/A3 and that he had replaced almost all parts that could be problematic with no success. He even checked if the cord and the outlet were functioning, but the dryer wouldn’t heat. Finally, he decided to have a professional look at the machine and was disappointed because the machine had been running for less than two years. He expected better quality from Samsung.

A forum member complained that his DV45H7000EW dryer was working but not heating and that it had been running for less than a year.

  • He didn’t get any error codes, so he examined the dryer for possible lint blockage and a tripped breaker, and he even tested the heating element terminals with a multimeter.
  • There was no shortage.
  • Other users with similar problem advised him to check the power again because sometimes half of the breaker might trip and cause the issue.

Another user observes that if a Samsung dryer is working, but not heating, you might have an incoming power issue. Since you need 240 V and the outlet has two legs carrying 120 V each, even if one leg is short, your dryer won’t heat. So, you have to check the fuse box and breaker to determine if you have a power problem and measure the voltage at the wall outlet.

A forum poster pointed out that you might have to open the dryer to locate the problem, which will make your warranty void. So, he advises that you take the dryer to a professional service.

On the other hand, a user states that he came upon many complaints about Samsung dryers not heating just out of warranty and that he expected a Samsung product to work far longer without malfunctioning. He shares that he didn’t get any errors codes when his dryer stopped heating and that he checked everything possible, including the wires. But what solved the issue was replacing the motor.

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