When Android-12 will be Release? And What’s New for Android Lovers?

Android-12 What’s New

Every passing year, Google releases a key software update to its Android users. Over past the years, the Android system has invented several new modifications since its beginning. Last year, it discovered Android 11 In 2020-21. Every interaction with mobiles has enhanced the overall experience of smartphones, and now the search colossal finally discovered Android-12 along with several new advancements and features but it’s not quite ready for public consumption yet. It brings Developers access to highly effective APIs which will further advance the overall reliability of the Android OS.Android-12 What's New

Expected Android-12 Features

  • Improved Screenshots. 

Android-12 produced improved editing options for screenshots

  • Scrolling Screenshots
  • Enhanced Audio Feature
  • One-Handed Method
  • Update via Google Play
  • Advancement in Gestures
  • Notifications Sleep
  • Audio-coupled haptic response
  • Double-tap gesture on Pixel phones
  • Split-screen experience available
  • Settings menu pinch
  • Share sheet image editor
  • Customization
  • Media Player interface 
  • Notifications
  • Application shortcut menus
  • Sharing of Wi-Fi passwords
  • Easy, safe access to other app stores’
  • Restricted Networking mode available
  • Hibernate’ unused apps to free up space feature

Android-12 What's

When will Android-12 be available? OR Launching time and duration.

Google Pixel owners will get access to the Android-12 version on the day when it will launch. There is no official date of launching that is yet to be received, but expecting to be released in May or September 2021. Should be able to download Android-12 soon.Android-12

Which Mobile Phones will get Android-12 first?

  • Pixel devices will get the Android-12 version first to use.
  • Next Pixel flagship will most likely the second to launch this version.
  • Partner devices could be last but not least those who will use this Android version.

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