How Can We Fix Issue, While Apps Being Auto-Start In Our Android Smart Phones?

Applications Auto Start Problem In Any Android Smart DeviceApplications Auto Start Problem In Any Android Smart Device

Hello Readers!       With time to time advancements in Smartphone technologies, there are also allots of complications for Smartphone users. We often face issues while using smart devices. During your, Smartphone uses, ever you have been faced a problem with an app that is Auto starting?

It’s most annoying when you are shutting off an app that is continuously being auto-start again and again. There may be apps that auto-starts even though you didn’t assign any operation to them, and it keeps continue to run in the background. These apps consume RAM and being cause to slow down your device performance. What should we do in such a case? How can we fix it?

The automatic launch or auto-start of apps on smart devices is a common problem. There are several reasons for this. Probably, this is because of the malfunctioning apps that are running in the background. Keep remember, every task on your Android smart devices will affect the battery power, CPU, and memory resources. It can be hung or freeze your android devices. In this article, we are going to find the process that how could we fix it?Applications Auto Start Problem In Any Android Smart Device

How to stop Applications Auto Start?

As we said, it’s because of apps that running in the background, so we should need to customize applications background settings in our smart devices. To do so, we should go through the Developer Option in our Android Smartphones.

Let’s start to troubleshoot this worst issue.

  1. To access the app’s background Settings we need to enable Developer Options on our Android Device.
  2. For Enabling Developer Option follow these steps.
  3. Open Settings on your android device.
  4. Now, Scroll Down and further Tap on About Phone.
  5. Here you need to find the Build Number under this Menu.
  6. Now, Tap continuously Seven times on Build Number.
  7. After that, a Pop-up Notification will appear as, Congrats! You are now a Developer.
  1. Now, you need to go back and check the developer option in the setting menu.
  2. Open the Developer Option.
  3. Toggle the button Off to ON.
  4. After enabling It, Tap on Running Services in the list of Developer Options.
  5. Running Services menu list showing you the status of apps and programs that are currently running and operational in your android phone.
  6. Now, Select and Tap on your appropriate app that is faulted and Auto-starting.
  7. Here you can Stop and Report this app.
  8. Tap on Stop to close the functions completely.

Well! If the issue is resolved, it will be great, but otherwise follow another option to solve the problem.

  1. Open Settings on your Android smartphone.
  2. Scroll down and Find Applications.
  3. Now, Tap on Applications.
  4. Select your concern app and open it.
  5. Here you can find operational control for Built-in Apps as well as for your own Installed apps.
  6. If the faulted app is among the built-in applications, you can see options Force to Stop and Disable. Tap on both options to close the program and end its operations.
  7. If you’re faulted app is your own downloaded, so you simply need to tap on Uninstall to remove it from your android phone.

Applications Auto Start Problem In Any Android Smart DeviceFinal Thoughts:

The above-prescribed methods don’t affect or harm your device operations and functionality. Users can use the above instructions without any hesitations. In case of further any query feel free to contact us in the comments section below.

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