How Can You Boost-up Battery’s Health In Your SmartPhone?

Boost Up Your Smartphone Battery

Low battery indication is the worst thing when you are watching Movies or Playing Games. Early Battery draining is because of useless apps that are running in the background. For this common problem, we are going to share few tricks that definitely help you to extend your battery power. Stay with us and learn the very simple and easy way to find the best solution.

Keep focus and follow the short steps that are given below.

  • First of all, Go to your Phone Settings.

  • Now open Battery in Settings Menu.

  • In Battery Settings you have few different functions for battery settings.

  • Tap on Battery Usage.
  • Here you need to find Optimize Battery option.

  • Now Tap on Optimize Battery Now to stop all useless applications that are running in the background.

With these simple steps, you can extend or boost-up battery’s Health and enjoys more. Users can also ON Battery Saver in their phones for more effective uses.

Keep in mind that the settings menu or functions and features may be different from the above-given options as per the operating system installed by manufacturers or smartphone brands. In this case, users can download and use different battery savings apps via Google Play Store.

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