Bosch Washing Machine Error Codes: E02, E13, E17 How to Fix

If you have a Bosch washing machine, you’re likely already aware that the machine itself has a built-in system for diagnosing any errors which might occur with the machine.

This system is specifically designed so that whenever it senses a fault within the system, it is then able to display this to you on the display screen, usually in the form of a letter, followed by two numbers.

The error code itself will display where the usual readout appears on the system’s screen.

It will indicate what, and even where, the fault is occurring, and therefore which it is best you check, or, if necessary, replace parts within the machine itself. In this article, we’re going to review three of the most common error codes, which might occur with your Bosch washing machine.

These are errors E02, E13, and E17. We hope to provide you guidance on how to best go about resolving each of these errors in turn.


The video creator below posted a useful tutorial to help you if your Bosch washing machine is exhibiting a variety of different washing machine error codes to help you get your machine working again.

Video Tutorials 

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