How To Change DNS Settings On Your Android Smart Phones?

What is DNS?

The DNS stands for Domain Name System. It is used to determine the website name instead of the IP Address. In other words; The Domain Name System (DNS) associates the URL with your IP address. it is just like a phonebook for the web. For Example; is a domain name on the web for this site. DNS makes it easy to remember any website’s address because IP address coding is different for every website and it’s also very painful to memorize. Every DNS has its individually personal server ID where the site referral link and data are stored. Whenever anyone uses this Personal server ID, he can access the concerning website.

Changing DNS addresses on your PC is comparatively easy than on a smartphone. But, don’t worry we have solutions. In this article, we are sharing short Steps about changing DNS settings on android Phones either your device rooted and non-rooted.

How To Change DNS Settings On Your Smart Phones?

Follow these steps to change DNS settings:

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Then, Open Wi-Fi in Settings Menu.
  3. Further Tap on Network Option or Modify Network.
  4. After that, scroll down and find IP Address settings or Advance. It may be with a different name and varies as per Android versions or Device Model.
  5. In this Mode Tap on Statistics.
  6. Now finally Change Settings as you want, DNS1 and DNS2 both can be changed. You can set as per your desire, e.g.; DNS1 [] and DNS 2 [] respectively.

If you do not find the IP Settings window on your smart device, it means that your operating system (OS) has prohibited you from changing the DNS settings. In that case, you will need to root your device.

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