How To Change Highlights Colors On Instagram Stories?

Change Highlights Colors On Instagram Stories

It’s impossible to be unfamiliar with Instagram. It’s a photo-video sharing platform that is used by over 1billion people. Indeed it’s the most used and favorite app of everyone. With its new updates and features, like; customizing highlights Colors On Instagram Stories. it’s getting the most popular and fun to use.

Instagram has consequently become an important marketing platform. In fact, it’s a great way to make new friends. You can enjoy your time by posting pictures of your favorite foods, pets, and much more. The coolest feature on Instagram that you can customize your stories’ highlights with different colors and shades and can make them more elegant and attractive. there are plenty of ways to make your stories unique and more captivating. We can use multiple stickers, filters, and highlights too. It makes your profile look neat and assembled.

What are Instagram’s Story Highlights Features?

The Instagram Highlights feature allows you to save important, educational, or entertaining content from your stories. These Stories Highlights covers and keep your Instagram profile on-brand. And with the selection of the right design, your covers, can get more views. By highlighting a story, it will be available for only 24 hours and after that will disappear, but for as long as you want you can even label it. In this article, we are focusing on Instagram stories’ and sharing tips about Highlights editing, and customizations.

There are three ways to change the background color of your Story.

  1. Change to a solid background.

  • Upload a photo on Instagram.
  • Click the pen icon.
  • Select your preferred color.
  • Tap (press and hold) the pen or eraser tool to edit o erase.
  • Long press (press and hold) the middle of your background
  1. Upload a background picture from your camera.

  • Open a design tool
  • Design the background you are visualizing.
  • Now Download the image
  • Upload it to Instagram Stories
  • Place stickers, text, hashtags, Gifs, and emojis over the background if applicable
  1. Add a color shade to your Instagram Story photo
  • Upload photo in Stories
  • Tap the Pen icon
  • Choose your desired color shade
  • Tap the highlighter icon
  • Long press on your backgroundHighlights Colors On Instagram Stories

Adding an Image over Your New Background by following steps

  1. Open your Photos app
  2. Select the image you want to add
  3. Click the ‘Copy Photo’ from the options menu
  4. Return to the Instagram app
  5. Click the ‘Add Sticker’.

Watch Tutorial To Create Highlights Covers

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