How To Disable Screen Lock In Your Smartphones When You Are At Home?

Disable Your Screen Lock on Trusted Locations…

Hey! Readers we bring another interesting trick for you. Today we are going to explain, How to disable your phone’s screen lock when you are at home? This is usually about our daily needs if you consider your device is safe at home so you can use this feature without any hesitation. This feature works with Google’s smart lock assistance as pr your home’s specific location.

So let’s start to learn this trick via simple and short steps.

  1. Open Settings Menu.
  2. Now scrolls down and Tap on Security and Privacy or Security and Fingerprints.
  3. Select the Smart Lock and Open it.
  4. The system required now security pin or pattern as you selected before. Give Pattern or Pin code.
  5. Now you have different options for smart lock activation. Select or Tap on Trusted Places.
  6. Here system requires you to set up a location where you want your device to remain unlocked. You can also add multiple safe locations via using Google’s Location Services.
  7. After adding location Tap on Ok.

Hurrah, the Process is completed. Now you can check your device locking on your selected location. In case of any query or suggestions reply to us in the comments section below.

Watch Video Tutorial

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