What Are The Expecting Upcoming Features in IOS – 15 Version?

IOS – 15 Version Coming Soon

It takes a long way to come out but rumors have been leaked about the launching of the IOS – 15 Version expected at the end of this year 2021 online due to an ongoing pandemic. Although Apple is working on the up-gradation of iOS 14, this does not mean that the company has no interest to see the next big thing i.e IOS – 15 Version. On another hand, Google has already moved towards launching Android-12. To proceed the same is expecting from Apple likely coming at Apple’s annual WWDC dev-centric summit.

iOS 14 was a big updated version, but there are still several things that IOS – 15 Version can be better than the previous. The new operating system may include a set of new features and improvements pasted below over the current iOS 14.

What’s New IN IOS – 15 Version

  1. Supported all devices

Apple is likely to support all devices for a long time and it loves to see that, devices that got iOS 14 also getting iOS 15.

  1. Smaller Siri

It gets better with every new version of iOS and now it looks pretty good, there is always room for improvement, especially as it still questionably follows Google Assistant.

  1. Enlarge Apple Maps cycling directions and Guidance

Two recent features have been upgraded in this version and these are Apple Maps cycling directions and Guidance.

  1. A-wish list for the Application Store

A wish list feature has been added in this IOS which allows you to make a list of the particular apps you are interested in. This feature was removed by Apple company, so you have glad to see this again with iOS 15.

  1. Translation of languages

In iOS 14, Apple launched a Translate app feature to its mobile operating system for only supported 12 languages, but in iOS 15 it could be greater.

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