How can you set-up Face recognition on our Smartphones?

What is Face Recognition? 

Face recognition is another interesting smart locking feature initially introduce in Android Lollypop. It’s also called Android Trusted Face. For Apple users, there is Face ID coming in iPhone X. Face recognition gives facial locking as smart locking. It is a fast and more secure feature for unlocking your phones. Here we are going t learn How to set up Smart Face Locking on your Phone.

Let’s start with simple and easy steps t St-up Face Recognition.


  1. Open Settings Menu.
  2. Now scrolls down and Tap on Security and Privacy or Security and fingerprint Settings.
  3. Select the Smart Lock and Open it.
  4. The system required now security pin or pattern as you selected before. Give Pattern or Pin code.
  5. Now you have different options for smart lock activation. Select or Tap on Trusted Face.                                                                                                                                      Face-Recognition-trusteed
  6. Under this window, the system explains about Trusted Face feature and giving a short guide to its users.
  7. Now it’s time to hold your device according to your face. Your face should be set into a given circle, and hold it for few seconds to fully recognize and save your face.
  8. The process is completed now check it via face unlocking.

We always remind that settings and menus may be different on smartphones and we always try to follow standard procedures and steps to guide our readers. In case of any query or suggestions, please reply to us in the comments section.

Note: The above info is only for journal public interest, or the author is not responsible for any hardware and software loss damage or illegal misusage of the above material.

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