What Is Floating Tab? How to Enable this Feature?

What Is Floating Tab?

What Is Floating Tab

Floating Tab is a feature that allows you to multi-tasking facility in your smartphone. Floating tab help to handle multi-task at the same time, for example, if you are talking on WhatsApp video chat, so, on the other hand, you can write on a note pad, or you playing game s you can also watch YouTube.
Users can enable floating tabs directly if their phone having Android 10 because floating is available as a built-in feature in Android 10.
For other smartphone users, there is an application called Taskbar on the play store to enjoy this feature.
Android 10 users can follow these steps.

How to Enable Floating Tab Feature?

For enabling the Floating Tab feature you need to open the Settings Manu on your Smartphone.
Now Scroll Down and Tap on the Developer Option.
If you don’t have the Developer Option, so kindly learn a complete step-by-step guide via this link.
Now Inside the menu, scroll down and active two options: “Force activities to be resizable and “Enable freeform windows in Developer Option.
Now restart your phone.
After restarting, click on the menu button, select any tab by long-pressing it, and click on the “Freeform” option.

Watch Video Tutorial

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