What Is Google Account Manager Apk? How Can We Use It?

Google Account Manager ApkGoogle Account Manager Apk

Hey, Android lovers! Today we bring another exciting tip for you. Here we are exploring the Google Account Manager apk, it’s another amazing Program regarding your Android Phone’s safety and Multiple Google Accounts Managements. You know well that, Google always focuses on user’s secure data management on a priority basis. So this Apk is a great achievement for Android users.

So Let’s see…

What is Google Account Manager Apk?

It is an Application powered by Google for Android Phones to Manage FRP. FRP Stand for Factory Reset Protection. We often forget our passwords while Factory Resetting in our phones. With Google, Account Manager Apk users can lock and unlock FRP in their Phones. It allows you to enable and remove any protection layer as per your choice.

Users now can add Multiple Accounts via using this Apk. It helps users in synchronization of data for all Gmail Accounts. Users may now get a more secure and reliable atmosphere when they deal with their highly sensitive data via Google Accounts.

Please Note: This Apk is available only for Android 5.0 to Android 10.0 versions. Google Account Manager Versions support each corresponding Android version separately. You cannot use its Version 9 for Android 10.0, you just need to install Apk version 10 for Android 10.

How to install Google Account Manager Apk as per your Android Version?

Downloading Apk you need to use a Third-Party App Store because Google Play Stores doesn’t contain its official version links due to the new Android policy. It’s now officially coming as a built-in feature in Android Devices.

Here few links are given below to Download Google it from a third-party app store as per its corresponding Android Version. You just need to Tap on the Download button as per your Phone’s Android Version.

Android 5.0                                         Download

Android 6.0                                         Download

Android 7.0                                         Download

Android 8.0                                         Download

Android 9.0                                         Download

Android 10.0                                       Download

To Download this, log in with your Gmail Account and then sign-in and complete the Verification Method.Google Account Manager Apk

How To Disable FRP In Your Smartphone?

  1. Tap on the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Scroll down and again Tap on Accounts.
  3. Here you need to Remove your Account that is active in your Account.
  4. For removal of account Tap On More on the left top corner of your screen.
  5. Now Tap on Remove.

Watch Tutorial

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