“Google Meet” A Live Video Meeting with your Family And Friends

Google Meet What is Google Meet?

As we all know, after the spread of the destructive Covid-19 all over the world, social distance has become mandatory. In such a situation, we only have online social media platforms through which we can stay in touch with our loved ones. Since Covid 19, we’ve seen people’s interest in online video meetings. Numerous video meeting apps and programs got users’ attention, like zoom, Skype, Slack, etc. Google also launched its feature program called Google Meet that unites peoples and allows them safe Social Relations in this pandemic invasion. Today in this topic we are going to explain the application ”Google Meet” for maintaining social networking with each other non-stop 24/7.

Google Meet Google Meet at the group level

Within business organizations, Users can create video sessions and interact with each other. They can discuss their official affairs or hold official meetings in a completely safe and secure environment. Educational institutions can conduct online lectures and classes for their distance education programs. Students can also schedule and meet in conference video sessions for study purposes.

Google Meet is available in free and paid features for every individual who has Gmail Account. It allows users to make video sessions up to one hour completely free of cost. For further long video meetings, you can buy Google Work Space Essential or Work Space Enterprise featured versions. Google also provides completely free unlimited calls (up to 24/7) until March 31, 2021, for its Gmail accounts holding users due to Covid-19. As per Google’s instructions, users can initially avail of 14 days of free trial use of its WorkSpace Enterprise featured package. After the trial ends, they can buy it via credit or debit cards.

Google Meet Free Google Drive Storage for Google Meet

Google Meet also giving the facility of meeting up-to 100 participants in a single inter-connection. Google Meet having collaboration with Google Drive and gives 15 GB of Storage in the free package. If you are a paid user so you can avail of 100 GB of Cloud storage in Google Work Space Essential and unlimited free space in WorkSpace meeting on payments. Users can arrange unlimited secured Meetings on Google Meet. There are allots of extra features included in paid packages like; screen sharing, real-time captions, and much more.

Google MeetHow Google Meet Safe and Secure?

Google always deeply focuses on privacy and security issues. So, For user’s safety and privacy protections, Google Meet loaded with extra features like; Advanced Protection Program Enrollment, 2 Steps Verification, and anti-abuse features to provide a more clean and secured platform.

Download Google Meet APP For Android

Google MeetHow Can We Use Google Meet?

To set-up a video session on Google Meet follows the instructions that are given below:

  • You need to log-in first with your Gmail Account.
  • Now search Google Meet on the web and open it.
  • After Opening the site Tap on New Meeting.
  • Here you asked about scheduling a Meeting or meet now.
  • If you want to schedule a meeting at your specific time, add schedules, otherwise tap on Start an Instant Meeting.
  • Now add Participants from Add Other that are saved on your Gmail Account.
  • You can also add outsiders via sending meeting links that are not included in your Google account.
  • For outsiders just copy the link that is visible on the notification window and Tap on Add Others.
  • Now enter outsider recipient Mailing ID then select and send an Email to join your Meeting Session.
  • After he accepts your invitation Add him to the meeting.

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