How To Enable Battery Saving Mode In Your SmartPhone?

For regular Smartphone users, the biggest headache is low battery notification. They should need to Enable Battery Saving Mode for fewer battery consumptions, so let’s know about battery saving that, How to Enable Battery Saving Mode in your Smartphone via few short clicks.

Step By Step Guidelines to enable Battery Saving Mode:

  1. Let us start with Settings Menu in your Smart Device.
  2. Scroll down and Tap on Battery.
  3. Now you are in the Battery Settings menu, here you can manage different battery power-related options, like; battery status, percentage Battery saver mode, etc.
  4. Tap here on Battery saving Mode to activate it.
  5. Here you can select automatic battery saving mode ON/OFF as per your desire battery level e.g. 15%, 30%, or any other level for auto enabling of Battery saver.
  6. After setting auto ON/OFF level, Tap on Enable to active Battery Saver in your SmartPhone.
    Finally, you have completed the procedure.

Note: We always remind that settings and menus may be different on smartphones and we always try to follow standard procedures and steps to guide our readers. In case of any query or suggestions, please reply to us in the comments section.

Watch Video Tutorial

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