Is there fast travel option in the Dragon Quest Builders 2?

In this section of our guide to Dragon Quest Builders 2 you will get to know whether there is a fast travel option in the game. How do I unlock fast travel so I can get anywhere else in instant mode?

Yes, in Dragon Quest Builders 2 there is a fast travel option. With time, as you travel through new locations, your eyes will see a monument that looks like a blue ball. It is recommended that you go to this warp zone as soon as it appears to your eyes. While at the monument, press the examination button (X on the PS4 console). After completing the above steps, you will be able to teleport to this point from anywhere on the map.

To do this, open the map using the “open map button” (touchpad on PS4 console), and then find the point you want to move to. The fast journey will take both you and your companions, so you don’t have to worry that your companions will stay in the place you wanted to leave. The fast travel itself is very short. You do not need anything else for traveling than the discovered and explored warp point with the monument mentioned above.

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