Mods for Fallout 4 OCDecorator

The options to be had in Fallout four do now not let you create a dream base? The mod defined below expands the opportunities of adorning your headquarters.


Among the Fallout 4 players, there are lots of those, who love to construct settlements. Assuming the role of a region warden calls for one to enhance and best unique homes – now with the help of the OCDecorator mod, it’s miles an simpler process.

Modyfikacja sprawia, ze wszystkie przedmioty, które do tej pory byly uzywane tylko do przerabiania na surowce, moga zostac uzyte jako statyczne dekoracje. Butelki, puszki, naczynia, zabawki, akcesoria kuchenne czy tez srodki czyszczace zostaly dodane do listy dostepnej w trybie warsztatu i od teraz mozna je umiescic w dowolnym miejscu.

This change lets in a player to apply all the items that have been disassembled into resources as static decorations. Bottles, cans, dishes, toys, kitchen add-ons, and cleansing components were added to the list available within the workshop mode and can now be located at any region.

All the gadgets are ‘glued’ to a specific location, accordingly there may be no danger that many hours spent on redecorating a building will go for nothing. These gadgets can return to one’s inventory – this takes place within the workshop mode. The OCDecorator change is well suited with the paid DLCs. If you have any of these expansions, do make certain to check them all through the mod installation – then the pool of decorations may be even larger.

Mods for Fallout 4 OCDecorator Installation

This amendment can be mounted with Nexus Mod Manager. The writer has organized an set up menu, wherein you may choose the DLC you very own, as a result the manual set up isn’t always endorsed.

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