What is On-Body Detection Smart Locking? And How Can Be Enable It?

On-Body Detection Smart Locking

On-Body Detection in the form of Smart Locking features that work on the base of the motion sensor. In this type of smart locking, once the user unlocked it, the smartphone remains unlocked till its in motion by its user. If the user holds it anywhere or sets it down, the device will be locked

So let’s start to learn that, how to enable this wonderful feature.

  1. Open Settings Menu.
  2. Now scrolls down and Tap on Security and Privacy or Security and fingerprint Settings.
  3. Select the Smart Lock and Open it.
  4. The system required now security pin or pattern as you selected before. Give Pattern or Pin code.
  5. Now you have different options for smart lock activation. Select or Tap on On-Body Detections.
  6. Now Toggle the button located on the top right corner of the screen to enable this feature.

You have done it successfully. This feature only works when it remains in motion after once unlocking. If you keep it down and pick it up again, it will be locked and require unlocking.

Watch Video Tutorial

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