How To Enable One-Handed Mode In Your Smart Phones?

One-Handed Mode In Your Smart Phones

One-Handed Mode makes it easy to operate a phone with a single hand for its user. Now you can write watch and operate without any difficulty. One hand mode reduces display screen and gives comfortable and tired less moves, so here we are going to show you that how to enable it.

Keep in mind that this feature is not supported for all android devices.

  • Open settings in your Smart Device.
  • Now Tap On Smart Assistance or Advance Features Menu.

  • Now further Tap on One-Handed Mode and toggle the button to right and enable it.

  • After enabling you can have an option to keep the left-Hand side or right-hand side and also given size management options for screen adjustments.

Great! We have successfully enabled this feature. For more informative tricks about Smart, Gadgets keep in touch with us.

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