What To Do If Your Smartphone Over Heating? 10 Easy Tips

Why Phones Over Heating?

Why Phones Over HeatingContinuous Usage of smartphones is being the major cause of Over Heating. This is very common these days that expensive and luxurious smartphones are also overheating. Users play games, watch videos or use heavy apps is the main reason for Over Heating. Today we are sharing few valuable tips to reduce the device overheating issue. These precautions also help to increase battery health.Smartphone-Overheating

Following are the 10 safety precautions to avoid Over Heating.

  1. Users shouldn’t use phones when they are charging their phones.
  2. When your phone is being heat-up, you just need to disable all connectivity’s via activating flight Mode.
  3. If you have a phone’s safety cover so please remove it.
  4. You should also need to reduce brightness in your phone.
  5. Enable battery-saving mode in case of overheating or battery draining.
  6. Use applications that cool your device, and perform regular cleanup in the phone to release memory and boost-up its performance.
  7. Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity when you don’t need it.
  8. When your Phone being charge, try to off it.
  9. Avoid direct sunlight on Your Phone.
  10. Try to disable bloatware or built-in useless apps that are running in the background. And must close all the apps after using them.

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