How To Remove Built-In Apps From Your Smartphones?

How to Remove Built-In Apps?

The built-in applications pack contains a set of apps that comes with the Operating System. In this suite, some are likely to use but some are useless or you don’t need anymore. To remove Useless built-In Apps is diligent work, and you can’t Un-Install these apps completely from your phone. Users can only freeze or un-activated these apps that are consuming power and memory in the background.

So let’s start the procedure to Freeze these apps via simple and short steps.

  1. Open Settings Menu.
  2. Now scrolls down and Tap on Applications.
  3. In this Menu, you can see all applications that are installed on your Phone.
  4. Select the desired app that you want to stop or freeze.
  5. Here you can find the complete app status on your display. Keep in mind, Built-In apps only can be stopped or disabled.
  6. Now Tap on Disable.
  7. Further Tap on Disable in Pop-up screen.

Great, the Process is completed. With the above mention process, you can Disable all un-necessary apps on your Smartphone and save memory and power consumption.

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