What Is RockChip Factory Tool? How Can We Use It.

Rockchip Factory Tool is a very useful application software which assists you to flash stock ROM firmware on RockChip based smartphone and tablets. Now the installing of firmware on any device becomes easier. Rockchip Factory Tool is similar to all versions of Windows OS (Windows XP to Windows 10)/ (x32 or x64 bit).

Rockchip Factory Tool Features

Simple Interface.

This factory tool occurs with a simple user interface which is idealistic for users. Use of this Tool in your device will lead you to the desired point.

Supported for All Rockchip Devices.

This flash tool supported all Rockchip Android devices, containing RK312A, RK3188, RK3066, RK2918, etc, using two options “Restore” and “Upgrade” and the choice is yours to use any one of these to flash firmware in your respective device.

Discover Chipset.

The Factory tool can detect the chipset of your smartphone/ device in a second as you connected it with your computer and if you load an incompatible firmware that is not suited to your device’s chipset, it will tell you immediately.

Language Support.

Rockchip FactoryTool is existing in two languages i.e English and Chinese and you can change the language by clicking the language button at any time.

How to Update Rockchip Factory Tool Device

  1. Download the latest Rockchip Factory Tool Rockchip_v and unzip it.
  2. Run “Rockchip_v***.zip”.
  3. Then you have to add the firmware (.img or Bin) that you desire to flash on your device. To add the firmware, click on the Firmware button and place the firmware file from your computer.
  4. Now restart your PC into download mode by (Volume Up+ Power + Home).
  5. Click the Run button to begin the  Installation Process.
  6. After the flashing, a success message will appear then disconnect your phone and turn it ON.

Watch Video Tutorial

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