How To Screen Record In Your SmartPhone?

What is Screen Record?

If you want more than a screenshot or trying for a longer video of your user Interface. You obviously go for Screen Record. Screen Record helps in the creation of videos that can be used as entertainment or for professional uses. Screen recording comes in Android 10 as a Built-In feature but only in Samsung, LG, and Oneplus devices. Its also available as a built-in feature in few Tecno Smart devices, like; Cameon 12,12Air, etc. For the rest of all, you need to go with third-party apps.
Here we are going to share the step vise guide for the creation of Screen recorded Videos, so please stay with us.

What is Screen
Screen Record for Samsung and LG Users…

  1. First, you need to swipe down twice on the Notification shade.
  2. Now you are in the Quick Settings Menu.
  3. Select Now Screen Recorder or Screen Recording.
  4. Wait to complete the countdown timer.
  5. After that, your recording will be started.

Screen Record for OnePlus Users…

  1. Swipe down in the status bar and open the Notification Drawer.
  2. Now swipe one more time to get all apps.
  3. Tap on Edit and now swipe left to go for next.
  4. Here Tap on the Screen recorder and drag it to Quick Setting.
  5. Now come back via the Back button.
  6. Go to Quick Settings and now use Screen Recorder.

Screen Record for Tecno Users…

  1. Tap On Settings Menu.
  2. Now scroll down and Tap on Smart Panel.
  3. Here you need to Turns it ON comes back to the Main Menu.
  4. Now swipe Smart Panel Left to Right that is located in the mid of the screen.
  5. Select Screen Recorder and enjoy creating videos.

Watch Video Tutorial

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