Top 12 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

In an Android Phone, Backup or restoration facilitate you to save your data, settings, and contents, if you upgrade, reset, or root your Phone. It’s incredibly easy to restore your apps and settings.

Backup of Your Phone is highly needed to keep safe your personal or official data, because your data may be lost, whenever you install updates, factory restores, or upgrade custom ROM. Backup is also helpful if you lost your phone or are theft, you can retrieve your data easily. Once you back up your phone storage, you won’t have to cry tomorrow.

Top 12 Apps to Backup Your Android Phone Without Root

Now a day’s people highly depend on their smartphones. Smartphones become significant as full-fledged Personal computers or Laptops during this running decade. All important files, emails, photos, videos, and contacts, everything is just under your one-finger tap, and the safety of the Phone’s storage will be the user’s priority. So, that’s why users need to back up their phone’s storage regularly and carefully.

1. Local Drive Backup

Backup on any other storage hard drive like; USB, CD/DVD, or any flash drive called Local Drive Backup. This is the easiest and quickest way to store your data as a backup.

Local Drive BackupUsers can save their time and money by backing up any external drive but it may be risky because these drives can be damaged, crashed, or stolen easily.

2. Cloud Storage Backup

In a very easy and simple way, we can define, it as an online storage account, which uses to save synchronized data or files called Cloud storage.

Cloud Storage BackupGoogle Drive, G cloud, etc, all are known as cloud storage which use to reserve data or files that are easy to retrieve again anytime anywhere.

Now we are going to describe a few Apps, which can provide an online storage platform to back up your Android Phone without Rooting.

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is our first choice to create a phone backup. It is a facility for Android Smartphone users which allows them to save images, videos, official or personal documentation, and files. Users can easily share files or data with anyone. Google Drive provides a safe and secure backup facility to its users, with no compromise on privacy.


Google Drive gives the flexibility to link drive access to the Gmail account which is only under the user’s custody and also gives free offline access to stored data, which helps users to approach their private data, without any network connection. GDrive cloud storage support all your devices like; Smartphones, laptops, Tablets, or Personal Computers. Google Drive supports users with 13GB storage capacity which is enough to save any type of data.

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How to Backup in Google Drive

There is an easy step-by-step guide for users to back up their phones in Google Drive. The backup procedure varies on smartphones, here we explain the procedure which is mostly used in common.  As a data backup and recovery solution expert, we are going to explain that surely save your data from disasters.

GOOGLE DRIVE Backup setting

How to Backup from a Phone or Tablet to Google Drive?

  • First of all open Google Drive App on Your Phone or tablet.
  • Then tap on Add or +
  • Then tap on Upload.
  • Choose the file to be uploaded on Google Drive.


  • Go to Your Settings, then Personal/System.
  • Then tap on Backup and Reset.
  • Select Backup My Data.
  • Also, select Automatic Restore.
  • Open Settings again and Go to Personal/system
  • Tap on Accounts and Sync
  • At last, to ensure that all data is synced you need to tick all the given options.

Retrieve Backup Data from Google Drive to an Android Phone

How to Backup from Phone or Tablet to Google Drive

When you want to restore your backup data in a new phone or restart your phone after upgrading the android version lower to a higher, so first you need to be Login to your Gmail User account. After that, a list appears on your phone’s screen which shows all previous devices that are used by you on a given Gmail account, and also shows the time of their last usage.

Procedure for backup checking

  • Open the Google Drive app on the home screen.
  • Go to the My Drive option.
  • Tap on the menu in the top left corner of the app.
  • Further tap on Settings.
  • Now, again tap and open Manage Backup.
  • Finally taping Manage Backup, you can see a list of apps that are using backup services.

If the Phone didn’t show a list of backup apps, it means there is no backup to restore. If that’s the case you’re is not backing up to the cloud so you need to open the settings of your phone and further need go to Google, then Backup, and now toggle Backup to Google Drive OFF to ON.

The process to Retrieve backup

In the factory default restoration Process, first of all, the User will be asked to either copy your data or set it up as new. The user needs to tap Copy your data. In the next window, tap a backup from the cloud entry. Then you will be asked to sign in to your Google account and when you’ll sign into your Google account, you need to tick the mark on I Agree, to agree to the terms of service.

Next, you’ll be asked about the device which you want to restore from.

device which you want to restore

After that, you need to select only one device from the given list to back up your phone. Then the process will be started.

Please Remember:

Users can’t restore a backup from a higher android Version to a lower android version, and restoring procedure can be different from one Smartphone to another. It depends on the Smartphone and its android version.



G Cloud is a complete Android backup solution offered by Google. It is a remote cloud-based server that is used to reserve documents, photos, videos, contacts, Phone settings, and much more. It was created by Geine9 Corporation, which allows users to save their personal or official data either manually or automatically. If you allowed automatic syncs, G CLOUD backup settingthis app will automatically back up your files and data. G Cloud allows up to 1GB of free backup storage to its users, but users can also buy additional backup storage and its pro features. Users can access data from within the app or website and G Cloud also gives a facility to associate multiple devices to their single account. It can back up your data in a very organized timeline; allow users to share it with the entire platform via different sources that attract users very much.

If you have a backup on G Cloud, so, either you lost your phone or someone steals it, you can retrieve your data just by loading the G Cloud backup app. You can even restore your data from one phone to another if you buy a new one or change the phone.

Now we are going to install the G Cloud app and learn how to use it.

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G Cloud Backup Installation:

  • First of all, on your Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Go to the Google Play store on Your Phone.
  • Type G Cloud backup and search it.
  • Select G Cloud by Genie9 and install it.
  • Accept terms of service.
  • Allow the installations to complete it.

How to use G Cloud?

  • First, you need to check whether your Phone’s Wi-Fi connectivity is ON.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Now it will require permission for access to certain apps and storage of your phone.
  • Please give permission.
  • Now a list will be shown on the screen, which asks you to select items for backup creation.
  • After selecting your desired items, you need to save them.
  • Tap on the red circle button located at the bottom right on your Phone’s screen to save.

Keep in mind this is a manual process but if you want a regular and automatic backup, so you must On Auto Uploads in settings where you can schedule your backup according to your choice.

After all, for the manual backup procedure tap on Backup Now, on the main window.

Restoring Data using G Cloud

Here we also explore how you can restore your data in a new /another Phone. In case of upgrading the android version or loss, crash, or damage of your Phone you can easily retrieve data from G Cloud with simple steps.

  • ON your Wi-Fi or Data
  • Open the G Cloud Backup app on your Phone.
  • Log in to Your user Identity.
  • Tap on the Restore button in the main window.
  • Now, further, tap on the Device to be restored.
  • Now select what you want to restore.
  • Again select a date, from where you want to restore.
  • Final tap on Restore and confirm OK.
  • Wait for the restoration process.
  • Congrats you have done it successfully.


Personal cloud storage or Dropbox is an online backup service that lets you save your private or official data, which can be accessed from anywhere anytime with just in one logging. Dropbox is not only used for android but also for windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. It also launched apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. It mostly uses in business organizations and enterprises and is also considered a consumer market service.

DROPBOX download

Dropbox facilitates users by allowing save, send, and share documents or files with others. It also notifies when someone modifies or updates a document or file. Dropbox allows 2 GB of free storage to its users and up to 100 GB on various for-free plans. It allows storing on Amazon’s simple storage service and protects with SSL and AES 256-bit encryption.

DropBox Backup Procedure:

For DropBox backup services you must need a Dropbox Login account, to get your Dropbox login account you should sign up on DropBox’s Home page where you can create your login I’d in a few short steps.

After login on Dropbox, we suggest in the next step to Download Drop space App from Google Play Store to your android phone. Drop space app allows and accesses your Dropbox account for the backup process.

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DropBox backup process Key steps:

  • Open the Drop space app on your phone.
  • Login to your Dropbox account in the Drop space app.
  • In the Drop, space Select the Folder in which you want to backup your data.
  • Through a tick mark on Run as Service, you can allow dropbox for an automatic backup option.
  • After allowing Run as a service please set a time interval you want between backups.
  • If you don’t want to consume your data so you have an option to Sync WI-Fi Only.
  • With a tap on Sync Now you can manually backup your data at any time.

All data will be stored in your Dropbox account, and you can access your data anytime/anywhere.

DropBox backup process

6. Backup Your Mobile App

There is another amazing app to back up your smartphone. Backup your phone helps users to back up system settings, apps, call logs, SMS, MMS, and other data. Backup Your Phone’ provides a very easy and simple user interface for its users to back up their important data within a very short time. It’s a free app but users also face ads. Users can also save their calendar events, user dictionaries, APNs, etc.

How to install and create a backup on Backup your Mobile APK?

First of all, users need to install 8.68Mbs Backup Your Mobile App from the Google play store on their Phone. After that follow below given easy steps to create a useful backup:

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  1. Open Backup your Mobile app on your phone.
  2. Read all the given instructions carefully.
  3. Press OK to start the app.
  4. Tap on Allow, to access Backup your mobile app to your Photos and media files.
  5. A list of items shown on the Backup window will require selection for backup.
  6. Select items for backup.
  7. Now, Tap on START.
  8. Now, a cloud drives list will appear on your screen.
  9. The app will require Cloud Drive storage to create a backup of your Data.
  10. Select any drive to copy data, e.g. Google Drive.
  11. Now link it with the Drive server, e.g., Tap on the link with Google Drive
  12. Wait for the backup process completes.
  13. You have done a successful backup of your data.

How to Restore Backup to your android Phone in Backup Your Mobile app?

  1. Open Backup Your Phone app.
  2. Tap on Restore
  3. Now a backup List will appear on your screen in Restore Window.
  4. Select desired Backup according to the date and time at which you want to restore.
  5. Further Select items from the given list to Restore.
  6. Tap on START.

Backup Your Mobile app also allowed automatic backup faculty, for automatic backup users need to open settings in the Backup Your Phone app, and should Enable Automatic backup. Users can also modify auto-backup settings. Backup Your Phone app also gives an option for transferring data from one device to another.

7. Google Photos

Google Photos is also a storage app that is developing by Google services in 2015. It is used to save and share videos and photos, it allows users unlimited free storage for photos and videos. The only thing Google requires from the user that allows the decreasing quality of photos and videos. It is interesting to point out that all photos are accessible via the website or the app without any cost. There is also the flexibility to download to the phone or share with another place like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. there is also a web-based version of Google Photos, available for PC or laptop.

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Google Photos Backup Process:

  • Sign in or log in to your Google account.
  • If you don’t have Google Photos as a built-in app on your Phone please Download and Install it first from Google Play Store.
  • Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.
  • Now turn ON Backup, if backup settings are on OFF Mode.
  • Tap on Next or Skip initial intro screens.
  • Now, Google Photos’ main window will be on the screen.
  • Select Photos or videos to be uploaded on Google Photos, which are day-wise and date-wise shown on the screen.
  • After selecting photos, Tap on the + sign which is visible on the right top of your phone screen to Add.
  • Now app asks the user to create a Folder album from five given options to save photos or videos.
  • Tap on any folder.
  • Now add the title of items to proceed to the next window.
  • In the next window, Google Photos gives a few more options like; adding more items, adding text, adding a location, or sorting order facility.
  • Now tap on the tick mark sign to save.

Google Photos gives its users free unlimited photos storage up to 16 megapixels, and videos up to 1080p resolution according to Google.

Google Photos Backup and Sync:

  • Turn on your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Open the Google Photos app on your Phone.
  • Open Manu (three parallel lines) on the top left of the app.
  • Tap the gear button in the upper right corner to access settings.
  • Now Backup and Sync option is visible, toggle it to ON.
  • Please remember, two options, Use mobile Data to backup Photos and Use mobile Data to backup Videos should be OFF.

8. Resilio Sync

Yet another backup app, which helps you to backup your smartphone data easily i.e., is Resilio Sync. It works like other backup apps; instead of backing up to some mystery server somewhere, or storing on any third-party storage, Resilio Sync provides an opportunity to save your backup to your PC, so users need to connect their phone with a computer to sync up. Otherwise, Resilio Sync works like other cloud storage apps.

When a user connects his Phone and PC, the user’s backup files will show on the PC and the user use these files according to his desires. These files will be encrypted and fully secured. Resilio Sync gives users data privacy who doesn’t want to involve any third party in their privacy, this feature makes Resilio Sync very popular.

Here we are going to share a complete process of Resilio Sync backup and user guide.

Please download Resilio Sync’s latest app from Google Play Store on your Android Phone.

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Data Backup Process on Resilio Sync:

  1. Open the Resilio Sync app on your Phone.
  2. Skip the intro tour and tap on getting started, only on first use.
  3. In the initial window enter the user name which can’t be changed later.
  4. Resilio Sync app also asks about the Usage of Mobile Data syncing which is optional depending on the user.
  5. Tap on Done, located right top corner of the screen.
  6. In the next step, the app will require access to Photos, Media, and files. Please Tap on allow.
  7. Now you are on the main menu.
  8. Tap on + under the circle sign located on the right bottom of the screen.

Data Backup Process on Resilio Sync

9. Now, tap on Add backup.

Now tap on Add backup

10.  After that, a list will appear on the screen Tap on Add Camera backup.

Add Camera backup

11. ADD Files in Camera backup and tap on Backup.

12. Another window will appear on your phone screen containing a list of linked devices near you.

13. Now you need to tick mark on any device which you want to share backup from the given linked devices.

14. And tap on Backup.

15. If there is no device linked so copy your backup link and share it with another third-party storage host e.g. Google Drive.

16. To copy and share a backup link, in my device’s window tap on the arrow key located top right of the screen.

17. A list containing external hosts appears on the screen and the user needs to choose anyone to share a backup.

18. If you want to add more files to the in-camera backup you can add files according to your choice.

19. To add files for backup in another own folder tap on the + sign and then tap Add backup.

20. Go to custom and choose a folder for backup creation.

21. Open the folder now and tap on Choose folder then tap

22. After this, there is the same process as the previous one.

9. APP Backup and Restore

App Backup and Restore is a platform for users who want to back up smartphone apps. It is a faster and easy solution to back up your phone apps to SD Card, RAM, or any Cloud Drive. It’s developed by Trust Labs which aims to develop useful tools and productivity apps for android.

It is a very interesting app for android users who use it to back up app data without rooting an android phone. No need to worry about your app files getting lost in the shuffle as you have a way to create a backup with APP Backup and Restore. Users can share APK; check its package name, version, and data installed. App Backup and Restore helps users not only in backup restore management and sharing software programs, but also to create their local app store and transfer apps to others.

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How to create a backup with the Backup and Restore app?

  1. Go to Google Play Store and download Backup and Restore by Trust look Security Lab.
  2. Install App Backup and Restore app on your android phone.
  3. Open App Backup and Restore the app on your phone.
  4. Accept the license agreement by ticking the mark and tapping next.
  5. Allow access to photos, media, and files on your phone.
  6. A window will appear containing a list of apps that are installed on your phone.
  7. Select the app for backup with Tick Mark Signe for creating a Backup.
  8. Now tap on the Backup button located at the bottom of the screen.
  9. After backup, you can see your Backup created apps In the Archived window.
  10. Go to the archived window, and select the backup file to transfer it to Google Drive.
  11. Now Tap on the Google Drive window on your phone’s screen.
  12. You need to add your Google Mailing Account here.
  13. Tap on Add Account.
  14. If you already added a Gmail account so just select and Press OK.
  15. If you didn’t pre-added any account so tap on Add account and enter your Gmail account.
  16. After account addition, your backup data will be backed up to Google Drive via your Gmail Account.

10. Super Backup App

This is another simple but useful app among storage cloud apps, available on the Google Play store by Mobile Idea studio. Super Backup gives an active and easy user interface. With the help of the Super Backup app, users can easily create a copy of applications, contacts, messages, call history, bookmarks, and much more. Users can also share apps with others, users can automatically schedule the backup of their phones to Google Drive or Gmail Accounts.

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Super Backup App Main Features:

  • Users can easily create a backup of multiple apps on the SD Card.
  • Super Backup app help to backup contacts, SMS, Call Logs, Bookmarks, and calendars.
  • Provide easy restoration of the backup.
  • Users can select specific chat, or text to create a backup, like; SMS conversations.
  • The app allows users to create a scheduled backup according to their desires.
  • App also facilitates auto-upload backup files to your Gmail account.
  • Super Backup app shows the last backup counting and its time.
  • App gives authority to the user to change the backup Folder Path in settings.
  • Users can transfer Backup to other devices directly through its Paid Full Version.

How to use Super Backup App;

First of all, you need to install it From Google Play Store.

  1. Download and install Super Backup by Mobile Idea studio app from the Play store.
  2. Give access permission to Photos, Media, and Files on the Phone.
  3. Now you are in the Main window.
  4. You can see there are eight categories located on the main screen are, Apps, SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendars, Call Recorder, Pictures, and Google Drive.
  5. You can choose categories to backup up your choice.
  6. Tap on any category, which shows a list of files for backup selection.
  7. For example, when we tap on the SMS category, there we found a few back-ups and restore options, Backup All, Backup Conversations, Restore, View Backups, etc.
  8. Tap on Backup all in SMS.
  9. It requires the name of the backup file, please choose the name and press Ok.
  10. If you select the app category to create a backup so you should tick mark on desired apps and tap on Backup.
  11. After creating a Backup file you can transfer it to Google Drive via your Gmail account.
  12. If you want to share your Backup file to any other third-party platform choose it from others.

11. Helium Backup APP

Helium is a great effort by its developer. It’s a powerful backup tool for android users. Users can use Helium to backup app data without rooting an android phone. Helium provides a very easy and friendly user interface to back up and sync all app data. It’s fully effective in-app settings, app protection, and all types of other app management in an android Phone. Helium app can save individual app data, just like the game’s data, not an entire app. A plus point of the helium backup app is that, when the user syncs a backup file with helium, so he can regain all ever existed saves, rather than having a start app from the beginning.

Please Note that; if you want to store data on cloud storage with Helium backup so you need to buy its full version, and if your device is not rooted, so you need to install a helium desktop installer on your phone to use helium backup.

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Helium Backup Process:

  • First of all, you need to connect your device to the PC.
  • Install related Drivers to your PC.
  • Now enable USB Debugging Mode in your phone settings.
  • After that, open Device Manager.
  • Please Download Helium software for Desktop.
  • Click on the MSI file to install Helium software on your PC.

Helium Backup Process

  • Now open the Helium app on your Phone.
  • After installation of the software, connect your mobile Helium app to PC helium software.
  • In your app, on the main screen, it will require you to log in to your Google mailing account for backup.
  • Now go to the backup menu and select specific apps which you want to backup, you can choose to make Data Backup only or Full Backup.


  • After the selection of apps, Tap on Backup.


  • Now give a location where you want to save the backup. Cloud Storage, USB Storage, or Google Drive.

You have completed the backup process.

12. One Drive Cloud Storage:

One drive is a cloud storage facility powered by Microsoft which used to store your files in one place which can be shared with others and provide access from anywhere/any time. It is a storage host that allows any user who wants to create a backup of his official or personal data. For one drive backup creation user must need a Microsoft login account. One drive offers its user’s easy and simple way to sync and share files with other people on the internet.

With the Latest Features and Upgrades

Microsoft gives 5 GB free backup storage for its users in One Drive. If you have Office 365 account so you can avail yourself, of 1TB of online storage with your subscription. One Drive’s latest features and upgrades make it more reliable than before, for example; a user can create a file on his PC, and pick up where he left off on a laptop, phone, or tablet at any time. Microsoft also offers a mobile app for IOS and Android users, through the app you can view and open, share, and manage these files.One Drive Cloud Storage

How to use One Drive Cloud Storage?

  • First of all Download and install the One Drive app from Google Play Store.
  • Sign in to Your One Drive Account or Microsoft Account.
  • If you don’t have Microsoft Account, please create one first.
  • You can back up your photos and file from the One Drive mobile app or not.
  • Now you are on One Drive’s main page.
  • In One Drive you can add Photos from Your Photo gallery or can take a new one. You can also share multiple photos on OneDrive.
  • To upload a photo or video tap on the arrow key located top of the screen.
  • Now upload a Photo or Video or tap on upload files.
  • In the next window select the file or photo to upload.
  • After selection tap on Upload located on the top right of the screen.

With the One Drive mobile app, you can access all of your One Drive contents including files shared with you. You can save and open your documents on your drive files into other IOS apps.

Note: The above info is only for the journal’s public interest,, and the author is not responsible for any loss damage, or illegal misusage of the above material.

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