How To Unlock Country Code locked or Network locked Devices?

Universal Master Code

Hello Readers! Today we are sharing another most interesting topic regarding your cell Phones and Modems. Here we are going to describe a Tool that use to remove country codes or network codes, from your locked devices and allows you to quickly flash. Mostly we have to face this issue surrounding us that often we received devices that are locked with county codes or locked by the company to run only specific Network services. These devices are just like bricks and completely useless. So, what should we do? You just need to download Universal Master Code to unlock coding in these devices.

Universal Master Code is software-generated unique code that is calculated on the basis of IMEI serial numbers. It is an excellent tool to unlock and flash almost every hand device or modem. This universal code responds to several complex situations and releases you from incarceration.

Universal Master Code Useful features:

  1. Friendly User Interface.

Universal Master Coding is very simple and easy to use. No Installation, no extra expertise is required, users just need to run simple exe. File on their PC to open it.

  1. Trustable Software:

Universal Master Code is a safe and secure program. Zero malware or viruses threats during software operation.

  1. Available for All:

This software works on almost every device, and can easily read IMEI Numbers and generate unique codes for your devices.

  1. Suitable for Modems:

It is not only for Phones but also equally useful for Modems, users can flash their Modems and customize as per their choice.

  1. Free of Cost:

Most of its versions are free of cost and easily available on the web. Just download and use as per your device brand and model.

How To Download Universal Master Code?

For Downloading Universal Master Code on your PC, you just need to simply click on the given link below:

Download Universal Master Code

How To Get Universal Code:

  • After Download Run this software on your PC.
  • Select your Device Brand on the displayed screen.
  • Turn off your device and Note down IMEI Serial Key by un-covering the backside and battery removal.
  • If you didn’t find IMEI, so Just simply Dial *#06# from your device to get IMEI, you can also find it on the device box.
  • Now type IMEI Serial on the software where required.
  • Then click on Calculate.
  • Finally, note down the auto-generated code.

What To Do After Getting Code?

  • Change your default SIM Card to another.
  • Now ON your device.
  • Type the code that is generated by software when your device required it.
  • Congrats your device is free from Country Code or default Network code.
  • You can now use it freely.

Watch Video Tutorial

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