What Is SIGNAL? How Can We Use It For Social Relations?

What Is SIGNAL? How Can We Use It?

Hey readers! Are you worried about your privacy when using Web Messenger? This article is regarding another interesting suggestion for you. Have you ever considered an alternative that competes with Whatsapp or any other popular messenger? There are thousands of applications to use, but ‘SIGNAL’ is the only popular and sophisticated application that attracts users and increases fan following with its amazing and innovative features. SIGNAL is being popular due to its advanced security features. It’s equally compatible with Android and iOS.

”SIGNAL” An Incridible Messaging Experience

SIGNAL is a free social Messenger that was released in 2014 not only for Android and iOS but also for desktop users. This Application allows users to connect end-to-end encrypted chats, sending voice notes, images, files, and video message sharing. It is developed by SIGNAL technology foundation and SIGNAL messenger LLC. This application can work based on cellular numbers just like WhatsApp. But the most interesting thing is that in SIGNAL users now can call each other without showing their numbers, this feature makes SIGNAL more secure and safe as compared to WhatsApp.

We can use this application on both, Wi-Fi and cellular data. SIGNAL also facilitating its users with Group chats and callings, Users now can communicate via conference calls during their business meetings, attend online educational gatherings, and much more as they desire. This app is completely safe and keeps your private data secure.

Features Of SIGNAL Application;

This app contains lots of incredible features. As per my views; one of the coolest features is the Timer Message. SIGNAL allows its users to set a timer for their particular message. If you set a specific time to send a message to your friend, the message will be removed automatically from the chats of both “sender and receiver” after that specific time. This time interval can be set from 5 seconds up to 1 week, depends upon a user’s desire.

Following are the most popular and useful features in Signal:

  1. Proxy support
  2. Chat wallpaper
  3. Incognito keyboard
  4. Group link or QR
  5. Message Deletion for everyone
  6. Timer settings
  7. Language options
  8. Mark as unread visibility
  9. Sticker and emojis
  10. Security of screen
  11. Archive chats
  12. Message reactions.

After knowing about this app, let’s seek how to install and use SIGNAL.

How To Download “SIGNAL ” A Social Chatting App For Windows, Android & iOS?

  • If you are an Android user, You can easily download SIGNAL via the Google play store on your Android devices. For iOS Smart Devices, you can download this app from Apple Store.
  • If you are trying for windows, it’s available on SIGNAL’s official website.

Here are the following links to Download SIGNAL:


How Can We Use SIGNAL?

1.       After opening this app you will be asked for three access permissions to the contacts, media, and calls.

2.       Click on Allow button to give access.

3.       After that, you will be asked to add your Cellular Number.

4.       After a Short while, They will send you a 6-digit code to verify your number.

5.       Then they will ask you to create a 4-digit security code. Whenever you want to login into your account that code will be a key.

6.       After Login! You will be directed to your chat log where all of your contacts will appear as a Contact Book, You can easily chat or a call with anyone from the contact list.

7.       You should add profile photos so that your friends can recognize you easily.

8.       You can also invite your friends to join you on SIGNAL s by sending them a download link. Tap on Invite for the invitation.

“In short, after learning about this great app, I want to say that it is more secure and reliable than others. Download the SIGNAL and try the exhilarating experience.

Watch Tutorial For SIGNAL

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