How WhatsApp is still secure? And what is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and controversies regarding it?Controversies on new WhatsApp policy

Hello, readers!                   Today in this article, we decided to share key facts about recently the biggest social media controversy regarding WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

”WhatsApp” The Most Popular Social Messenger

Have you ever wondered how competent it would be to have an app that is free for use without costing so much from your mobile’s Cellular Account? Well, WhatsApp is an app that can send and receive text and calls for free or without any charge. WhatsApp is the most popular app all over the world. It is an American freeware, messaging, and voice-over server owned by FACEBOOK. Basically, there are two official mods of WhatsApp, WhatsApp (Traditional) and WhatsApp Business. One is for private or personal usage purposes and another one is for business.

WhatsApp allows us to send messages and make calls to our friends, Share statuses, voice notes, media, and much more. It’s not only compatible and installed on every Smart Device, but also available for pc as the web version. WhatsApp has over 2billion users.

Thousands of people downloaded WhatsApp because of its user-friendly nature and safety. Despite this, WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy in the last year. WhatsApp was a favorite app for everyone but after its new privacy policy, it has to face criticism. What are the reasons and why people criticizing?  Well first have a look at the privacy policy.

Really! Is WhatsApp going to be un-secure after the new privacy policy?

Controversies on new WhatsApp policyWhat is WhatsApp’s new privacy policy?

WhatsApp has updated its new privacy policy that includes the following things;

1)      It states that stuff you share with businesses might be visible for some people in that company as well as Facebook too.

2)      It stated to have access to our mobile’s data like our WhatsApp chat, profile picture and, status.

3)      If you use WhatsApp payment services it will ask you for some other additional data including amount information and transaction information.

4)      WhatsApp has access to your location and also WhatsApp can access our location through our IP address.

Controversies on new WhatsApp policy;

Considering privacy issues WhatsApp’s new privacy policy created a bizarre and perplexing situation among people. Everyone started criticizing WhatsApp and many users shifted to alternative apps. WhatsApp has to face many clashes and having a downfall in users’ interest. Henceforth finally WhatsApp broke the silence and did some Tweets for its reinforce.

On Twitter, WhatsApp did few Tweets in their support to prove to users that their privacy and data are safe within WhatsApp. They Tweeted as;Whatsapp

They added this on WhatsApp status too to ensure users that WhatsApp is safe and it will not exude our private information, chats, and much more. WhatsApp ventured its best to prove to everyone that it is safe and secure to use. The main features of WhatsApp remain as private as ever. WhatsApp also confirms that our messages will be deleted from their server after being delivered to another person. WhatsApp also stated that;

‘’ We may amend or update our Privacy Policy. We will provide you notice of amendments to this Privacy Policy, as appropriate, and update the “Last Modified” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Please review our Privacy Policy from time to time’’.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, through tweets and statements, WhatsApp has cleared all the uncertainties and fallacies regarding its new privacy policy, but many users still having objections due to unawareness about its privacy policy. WhatsApp should need more justifications to clear its privacy policy if they want to regain people’s interest.

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