Hold on to your Hanzos. The Overwatch season 11 start date is simply across the nook and promises to be one of the most excessive yet now the dust has properly settled on the Overwatch anniversary occasion. Now not only is the launch time sooner than you could believe but, this off-season, we will have to be fascinated about that new hero we’re being teased in time for Overwatch season 11. It’s bound to show its face in the end.

When is the Overwatch Season 11 Date and Launch Time?
Overwatch season eleven launches on June 30 at 5pm PST/8pm EST. That’s July 1 at 1am BST for persons over in the UK. Don’t be too disheartened, though, you’ll nonetheless have all of Sunday to kick off season 11 in kind!


When is the Overwatch Season 10 finish Date?
Season 10 ends on June 27 at exactly 2pm PST/5pm EST/10pm BST, so make certain you’ve performed the great you in all likelihood can earlier than that cutoff point. As soon as it’s over, it’s over. No take-backs.

Will There be an Off Season Between Overwatch Season 10 and eleven?
As ever, the Overwatch offseason is available in to influence the time between seasons. Once once more, it lasts three days and should see some interesting informal playlists pop up. If you wish to test with a new most important or familiarize yourself with one other tactic while the pressure’s off, June 27-June 30 is as efficient a time as any.

Will There Be a new Hero in Overwatch Season eleven?
The big news heading into Overwatch season eleven is that we are also getting a new hero. Hero 28 may yet be Hammond, the Queen of Junkertown, or anything else entirely. We’ve already looked at it in some element but, if we are indeed getting a hero, assume it to land within the following two weeks. Overwatch season 11 gaine d’t be sticking around forever, and the outlet weeks are on the whole marked by means of the introduction of a new hero.

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